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Personalized Birch Wood Coasters with Messages


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Rustic birch wood coasters from the rolling hills of Pennsylvania! These coasters have a natural bark edge. These customized coasters make for great house warming or hostess gifts. Customize them with a variety of funny puns or refreshing graphics.

The wooden coasters are untreated. The surface is sanded for a smooth finish.

Color of engraving may vary due to the organic nature of the wood.

Diameter is 4 inches.

To place an order:

Check the drop down box to see the various messages/art for customization.

Add the desired message/coaster to your cart and follow the check out process.

You have the option to create your own custom set OR get matching coasters.

Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 in

Whiskey, Wine, TopMeOff, UseACoasterOrIWillPokeYouInTheEye, Water, WhereThereIsTeaThereIsHope, TeaMakesEverythingBetter, TheBestBeerIsAnOpenBeer, TheGreatThingAboutWineIsEverything, ThisCoffeeIsMakingMeAwesome, TooMuchWhiskeyIsNeverEnough, TakeLifeOneCupAtATime, Slurp, SitBack, Swig, Tea, Refresh, ParkWhiskeyHere, Rest, SaveWaterDrinkBeer, Sip, ItsAlwaysBeerOclock, LifeBeginsWithCoffee, MyIdeaOfDrinkingResponsibly, OhBartenderIllHaveAnotherOne, ParkBeerRightHere, Gulp, IfYouLeaveAStainYouWillFeelThePain, IDrinkWhiskeyTooMuch, Flower-6, GoodThingsHappenOverTea, Flower-3, Flower-4, Flower-5, DrinksAreOnMe, Flower-2, Flower-1, CoffeeIsMyLoveLanguage, DontMessUpMyTable, Drink, DrinkingWineIsNotMyHabitItsMyHobby, DontRuinMyTableUseACoaster, Coffee, ButFirstCoffee, Breathe, Chug, AMealWithoutWineIsLikeADay, Beer, AgeMattersOnlyIfYouAreWhiskey